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Current G2Events:

First in a virtual event series focusing on Information and Communications Technologies that will dramatically contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions for sustainable development
•  For Virtualization
•  For Dematerialization
•  For Smart ICT
•  For Collaboration

Sustainability Virtual Summits: Smart ICT
Live online: February 9, 2010
On-demand: Feb-May 2010

Conference topics: ICT solutions for sustainable development
* For Virtualization and Dematerialization: Replace goods and services with virtual equivalents

* Tele-working

* Telepresence

* E-government

* Education

* Healthcare

*Processes and workflows

* For Smart ICT: ICT controls and reduces its own emissions

* Reducing PC and Peripherals emissions

* Reducing Data Centers emission

* Consolidation

* Virtualization and Cloud Computing

* The power of cooling

* Reducing the telecom infrastructure footprint

* Reducing the Mobile devices footprint

* Managing a sustainable Supply Chain


Who will attend:

* CSR/Sustainability executives

* Corporate C-level Leadership

* Data Center managers

* Supply Chain/Product Development

* Finance & Marketing


Who should sponsor and/or exhibit:

* Global IT vendors

* Software

* Storage

* IT services

* IT outsourcing

* Semi-conductors

* Sensors, controllers and meters

* Mobile devices

* Telecom

* Telecom equipment providers

* Telepresence providers

* Services providers

* Industry

* Resources companies


Why a virtual event?

* Lower cost to participate

* Better lead capture/tracking

* Greater attendee numbers

* Enhanced ROI vs physical events

* Significant greenhouse gas emissions reduction

* To see a virtual event demo, click here


For more info, or to download sponsor and exhibitor information,